About, Team & Acknowledgments


Islands are powerful tools. In their boundedness and isolation, they constitute sites of unique life forms that propose novel ways of addressing global ecological and social problems. The Aegean islands, at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, are havens of diasporic culture, traditional knowledge and biodiversity. Yet today, accelerating forces such as overtourism and the global climate crisis exert local pressures on these coastal communities, threatening their knowledge systems and environmental equilibriums.

In this context, Archipelago Network takes up the Cyclades islands as laboratories for field research, residencies, publications, online projects and public programs. The initiative works at the intersection of visual practices, cultural life, and the natural environment, providing open access to its digital collections while contributing to the development of local and regional memory through documentation and outreach activities.

In its initial cycle of activity, Archipelago Network (AN) has completed thematic projects on traditional boatbuilding, environmental biodiversity, pottery, and maritime trades, spanning the islands of Amorgos, Koufonisia, Sifnos, Santorini, Paros and Syros. It has also initiated transnational partnerships focused on heritage re-use in collaboration with audiovisual archives in Beirut and Cairo, as well as frameworks for artistic production with arts organizations in Corsica and Sardinia.

Archipelago Network was founded in 2019 and is directed by documentarian and researcher Jacob Moe, joined by a team of collaborators and advisors with expertise in the fields of audiovisual digitization, design, communication, intellectual property law, history, anthropology, environmental studies and other topics on an ad-hoc basis.


Founder, lead researcher
Jacob Moe

Project manager
Stefania Koutsoupia

Communications director
Maria Paktiti

Legal consultant
Stavros Koutalas

Development consultant
Argiro Mesimeri

Extended team
Christos Gartaganis, Marina Markellou, Dionysis Notarakis, Miranta Vakondiou

Advisory board
Evagelos Athanassiou, Gelina Harlafti, Toby Lee, Mark Mazower, Rick Prelinger


Warm thanks to

Ersi Bakou, Annika Barbarigos, Maurizio Borriello, Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou, Christos Chrysanthopoulos, Kostas Damianidis, Achilleas Dimitropoulos, Benoit Durandin, Margarita Gourgourini, Nikolas Kailis, Nicholas Kampanis, Kostis Karpozilos, Kostas Katagas, Ioannis Koliopoulos, Martha Kontomitsou, Dionysia Kopana, Panagiotis Korakovounis, Sofia Kornarou, Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Elena Lagoudi, Iris Lykourioti, Geli Mademli, Stefanos Mamidis, George Matthaiopoulos, Maria Mavrikou, Nigel McGilchrist, George Michalakopoulos, Kosmas Nikolaou, Joshua Olsthoorn, Paola Palavidi, Panos Papanagiotou, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Matthieu Prat, Kostas Prekas, Foteini Salvaridi, Yorgos Savoglou, Katerina Triantafyllou, Christos Tsamardas, Nikos Vaslamatzis, Stelios Vassilakis, Tasoula Vervinioti, Kostas Vlachakis, Spyros Vosinakis