Archipelago Network in Amsterdam for the annual Eye International Conference

The Archipelago Network participates in the 8th Eye International Conference titled ‘’Activating the Archive: Audiovisual Collections and Civic Engagement, Global Collaboration, and Societal Change.” 

On Tuesday, June 6, Jacob Moe, A–N’s founder and lead researcher, presents “Traditional Pottery of Sifnos – Community Based Archival” at the Eye International Conference 2023. 

How can community-based approaches to archiving aid the preservation and continuation of endangered material knowledge? How can trans-local models for data custodianship, curation and open access be developed? Addressing these questions, this presentation of the latest project by the Archipelago Network focuses on research and documentation concerning traditional pottery on the island of Sifnos (Greece), a practice closely intertwined with the island’s cultural heritage, artistic creativity and economy.

Through an introduction to the project’s layered approach – focusing on digitized photographs and archival documents, as well as a series of ethnographic films — the presentation seeks to showcase the organization’s collaborative archival methodology for preserving and promoting this situated and endangered form of intangible cultural heritage, proposing Sifnos as a case study for small-scale, insular and so-called “peripheral” regions throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.

The project “Pottery of Sifnos” is held in collaboration with the Potters Association of Sifnos and funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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The Eye International Conference is an annual opportunity for scholars, archivists, curators, filmmakers, students, artists, and film enthusiasts from across the world to gather together and explore contemporary professional and academic issues affecting audiovisual heritage today. The conference is organized by the Eye Filmmuseum and the University of Amsterdam.