Archipelago Network x KIRKI

“Potters of Sifnos” in Soil Horizon / Εδαφικός Ορίζοντας, the annual exhibition of nomadic gallery KIRKI, curated by Dominic Sylvia Lauren, Vaso Papadopoulou and Aristea Rellou, co-founders of KIRKI.

June 15-30, 2024
11am – 1pm and 6 – 10pm, daily
Old School of Kastro, Sifnos

The nomadic Cycladic gallery KIRKI travels to Sifnos this June with the exhibition Soil Horizon / Εδαφικός Ορίζοντας. Taking off from the relationship between Sifniot pottery and the development of gastronomy on the island, Soil Horizon / Εδαφικός Ορίζοντας unpacks the connection between land and food.

The island’s rich clay veins and local craftsmanship have made it a capital of pottery in Greece, which it supplied with functional ceramics for centuries. Traditional Sifniot food is baked in these same terracotta vessels, contributing to the development of a rich gastronomic tradition on the island and its leading role in Greece’s food history.

Sifnos’ relative food sovereignty has decreased over the past decades, reflecting a generalised pattern of reliance on imports and agricultural production favouring fast-growing varieties, both in Greece and internationally. Through the work of its nine participating artists, Soil Horizon / Εδαφικός Ορίζοντας examines the fragility of land against the backdrop of overdevelopment and its causal correlation to food security, cyclical economy, biodiversity and the long-term sustainability of local agriculture.

The participants of this year’s exhibition will present video work, sculpture, installation, painting and performance that collectively examine the environmental and geo-political factors that define the changing landscape of food against the fragility of land itself. The exhibition includes work by: Alma Berrow, Alicja Biała, Nikos Chandolias (FMDB), Ayla Dmyterko, Futurefarmers, Hypercomf, Rindon Johnson, Pia Ortuño and Paky Vlassopoulou. 

Soil Horizon / Εδαφικός Ορίζοντας takes place between 15 – 30 June 2024 at the Old School of Kastro in Sifnos, a historic building from 1840. The exhibition is be free and open to the public daily.


In collaboration with Archipelago Network, KIRKI will present a public programme of daily screenings of the documentary series Video Portraits: Potters of Sifnos. Interweaving observational footage, archival materials and in-depth interviews, the series depicts the multigenerational histories and present activity of thirteen pottery studios that are currently active in Sifnos, and it will be screened each evening throughout the run of Soil Horizon / Εδαφικός Ορίζοντας.

Featured potters include: Giannis Apostolidis, Giannis & Antonis Atsonios, Georgios Atsonios, Vasilis Depastas, Kostas Depastas, Giorgos Exylzes, Antonis K. Kalogirou, Antonis Z. Kalogirou, Nikos & Giannis Lembesis, Alexandros Lemonis, Frazeskos Lemonis, Giannis Narlis, Giannis Podotas.

Screenings Schedule:

Giannis Apostolidis – June 16, 21:30
Giannis & Antonios Atsonios – June 17, 21:30
Georgios Atsonios – June 18, 21:30
Vasilis Depastas – June 19, 21:30
Kostas Depastas – June 20, 21:30
Giorgos Exyzles – June 21, 21:30
Antonis K. Kalogirou – June 22, 21:30
Antonis Z. Kalogirou – June 23, 21:30
Nikos & Giannis Lembesis – June 24, 21:30
Alexandros Lemonis – June 25, 21:30
Frazeskos Lemonis – June 26, 21:30
Giannis Narlis – June 27, 21:30
Giannis Podotas – June 28, 21:30