“Pottery of Sifnos” featured on Europeana

What is the meaning of tradition? Can its boundaries be defined? Do certain rules need to be followed, or can a “mistake” lead to innovation? What future is there for pottery?

In this blog post, Jacob Moe, the founder and lead researcher of the Archipelago Network, shares stories and reflections from Sifnian potters. Four out of the thirteen video portraits of potters created by the Archipelago Network are presented, highlighting the singular personalities and diverse perspectives shaping pottery craft on Sifnos today.

These portraits, intertwined with the island’s history and current socio-cultural landscape, provide a comprehensive view of Sifnos’ unique pottery craft and offer insights into its future.

Explore more about the pottery-making community on the Greek island of Sifnos at europeana.eu/en/blog/pottery-of-sifnos.

Photo: Kostas Podotas at the pottery wheel, c. 1970. Podotas Pottery.