Documentary series premiere on Sifnos pottery, Sifnos island

The Archipelago Network team invites you on Friday, June 30th at 21.00 to the Sifnos Pottery Museum at the Dragatsi Estate in Artemonas, Sifnos, for the premiere of the series of short documentaries created as part of the “Pottery of Sifnos” project. The thirteen documentaries, directed by Jacob Moe, focus on the history and current activity of a corresponding number of active pottery workshops on the Cycladic island.

The screening, co-hosted and supported by the Stavros Niarchos Public Humanities Initiative (SNFPHI), includes a simultaneous online viewing of all films for a global audience through the Archipelago Network’s Vimeo page as well as SNFPHI’s Facebook page.

For centuries, pottery has been intertwined with the island’s heritage, artistic creativity, and economy; to this day, over fifteen pottery workshops continue to produce distinctive ceramic objects renowned to both local and international audiences. In the thirteen documentaries, we follow the potters in their workshops as they share stories and craft ceramics through different techniques and approaches, including interviews with Giannis Apostolidis, Giannis and Antonis Atsonios, Georgios Atsonios, Vasilis Depastas, Kostas Depastas, Giorgos Exylzes, Antonis K. Kalogirou, Antonis Z. Kalogirou, Nikos and Giannis Lembesis, Alexandros Lemonis, Frazeskos Lemonis, Giannis Narlis, and Giannis Podotas. 

Τhe research project “Pottery of Sifnos” is an initiative of the Archipelago Network that aspires to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the centuries-old tradition of Sifnian pottery. The project is held in collaboration with the Sifnos Potters’ Union and the working group for the Ceramic Museum of Sifnos, and is realized under the auspices and with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Documentary credits:
Directed by: Jacob Moe
Cinematography: Aran Hughes and Christina Koutsospyrou
Editing: Yorgos Savoglou

Friday, June 30th, 21.00
Sifnos Pottery Museum, Dragatsi Estate, Artemonas, Sifnos island, Cyclades
Free entrance