Video Portraits for “Boats and Boatbuilding in Modern Cultural Heritage”

“Boatbuilding on Syros Today” aims to celebrate and safeguard traditional boatbuilding heritage in the capital of the Cyclades through a multilayered approach. One of the Archipelago Network’s principal partners in this effort, The Friends of the Museum of Aegean Boatbuilding and Maritime Crafts, has recently launched a digital platform titled “Boats and Boatbuilding in Modern Cultural Heritage.” Among its primary goals is the cessation of the subsidized destruction of fishing boats, a European Community regulation which has led to the destruction of unique examples of Greek maritime cultural heritage.

In support of this campaign we created seven video portraits in collaboration with boatbuilders and fishermen about the issue at stake and potential solutions. You can view the portraits on the Archipelago Network’s Vimeo channel, and at the platform, accessible here.

Special thanks to: Makis Mavrikos, Spyros Xagoraris, Thanasis Vlamis, Minas & Maria Mendrinos, Nikolaos Karamolegos, Manolis Zorzos, Nicolaos Zannis.

Tarsanas Shipyard, 1988. Courtesy of Kostas Damianidis and the Municipality of Samos