Potters of Sifnos: Watch the full docu-series online

Pottery-making is an integral part of the history, tradition, and culture of Sifnos island, located in the heart of the Cycladic archipelago. At the same time, Sifnian pottery is a valuable cultural treasure, acknowledged by its 2022 inclusion in UNESCO’s register of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today, ceramic art in Sifnos has carved out its own identity, preserving invaluable traditional knowledge while incorporating ever shifting forms of creative and technical expression.

From October 24 to December 10, Archipelago Network presents its docu-series on Sifnian pottery, created as part of AN’s “Pottery of Sifnos” project. Interweaving extensive interviews, observational footage and archival materials, the series follows thirteen Sifnian potters as they narrate personal and collective memories, revealing the generational continuity of pottery, its evolution over time, as well as its contemporary imprint on the region’s society and culture.

Beginning on October 24, we invite you to join us for the online premiere of these works: each week, this page is updated with two video portraits from the series, available for one week only.

Potters included: Giannis Apostolidis, Giannis & Antonis Atsonios, Georgios Atsonios, Vasilis Depastas, Kostas Depastas, Giorgos Exylzes, Antonis K. Kalogirou, Antonis Z. Kalogirou, Nikos & Giannis Lembesis, Alexandros Lemonis, Frazeskos Lemonis, Giannis Narlis, and Giannis Podotas.

Directed by: Jacob Moe | Cinematography: Aran Hughes and Christina Koutsospyrou | Editing: Yorgos Savoglou

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