Network for Sustainable Cyclades

Archipelago Network has joined the Network for Sustainable Cyclades as a member, reinforcing its commitment to policy and sustainable development initiatives through the lens of heritage. Founded during a workshop in Sifnos in October 2023, Network for Sustainable Cyclades has emerged as a collaborative platform to address pressing issues regarding the future of the Cycladic islands.

Concerned about the imminent threat posed by uncontrolled tourist development and incompatible building practices to the unique landscape of the Cyclades, the members of the Network for Sustainable Cyclades recognize the need for urgent collective action. The Network aims to tackle related emerging challenges, including overexploitation of resources, agricultural land abandonment, waste management issues, and the degradation of natural and built environments.

In response to these challenges, the Network for Sustainable Cyclades questions the sustainability of current tourism practices and encourages community deliberation with the aim of shifting the existing model of touristic development towards a more sustainable model. The Network’s proposal advocates for a balanced economic and social model that prioritizes sustainable tourism, protection of local resources, and climate neutrality. Emphasizing the importance of spatial planning, protection of agricultural land and biodiversity, efficient waste management, and community empowerment, the Network aims to foster a resilient and thriving future for the Cycladic islands.

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