Archipelago Network x “Blue Economy: Maritime Professions”

In the framework of The Tipping Point “Blue Economy: Maritime Professions” educational program, Archipelago Network provides access to an array of professionals such as fishermen, captains, and boatbuilders of “Cycladic Maritime Trades,” to secondary schools across island and mainland Greece, seeking to highlight the importance of these connections with the sea, and stimulate coming generations to take up traditional maritime professions.

The action “Blue Economy: Careers related to the Sea” is addressed to junior and senior high school students in islands and coastal areas. The goal of the action is to raise awareness of the sectors and professions related to the sea and the opportunities for career development in them, as well as to highlight the importance of the blue economy sector.

In the framework of the action, participants will have the opportunity to learn about blue economy-related professions, including maritime, marine life sciences, coastal entrepreneurship, and uniformed maritime professions. Through live group sessions with mentors, professionals working in these sectors, students will get informed about the role of the sea in the Greek economy and necessary skills related to the professions of the sector; they will receive useful advice based on the experience and knowledge of the mentors, gaining the tools to find their own role in the “Blue Economy”.

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